Friday, May 1, 2015

Fantastical Fictive Beers Quirky posters/prints by Pop Chart Lab Review

How awesome is this poster print? It's by a company called Pop Chart Lab. I picked out this posted filled with fictional made beers from various shows/movies. I love their colorful description of this poster, ha ha.

"Presenting Fantastical Fictive Beers, for when only a fictional brew will do. Can you not get enough of that wonderful Duff? Want to crack a Girlie Girl with Al Bundy? Or maybe you need a Butterbeer to help you cope with the fact that a noseless wizard is always trying to kill you? Whatever your quaff, kick back and enjoy this scrupulously illustrated selection of 71 beers from some of the greatest movies, books, and TV shows ever…and, okay, even a few of the not-so-greatest."

I'm actually more into their gaming posters but couldn't get my hands on the one I wanted. You can check out their Gaming poster section if you so please. They have a bunch of cool ones.
I guess I'm still into nerdy genre so I stuck with this one, anyway.

The print is delivered in a cardboard tube which brings it to your doorstep in perfect condition. Something like this is a great conversation piece and it should be framed. These are not the cheap kind of posters you get at your local music stores. The paper is thick and durable.

Check out my hand on the lower left hand side of the poster for size reference. You could probably pick up a nice frame for this at your local Walmart/Target for cheap. I'm going to wait to hold onto this so I can hang it up in my son's room. #popchartlab

You can check out all their prints here:

You can buy this poster from their Amazon page here ($29) :

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