Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sentey Nebulus Gaming Mouse 3200Dpi Pc Laser Mmo/rts/fps Review

 This mouse is amazing for the price. I am always surprised at how good mice are getting for such a low cost. I'll tell you that I paid about $70 for my gaming mouse but it does basically have a keyboard on the side of it so I'm stuck paying high prices for what I want when I game. Moving onto this super sweet piece of technology. You can change the DPI settings with a handy button right at the top of it under the scrolling button which is nice. I prefer the middle ground which is the yellowish color. I feel like the red is too slow and the green is too fast. The scroll button is great because it's textured to give better precision when you zoom in and out. What's really neat about this mouse is it has weights under it in a little storage compartment which will give it more/less weight. You have a tin where you can stick the weights when not in use. So you basically can customize how heavy or light it can be in your hand. I have never seen that before so that's cool. You also have the two programmable buttons on the side for gaming macros which are a must for PVP in MMO/FPS games. It's very comfortable to hold onto for lengthy computer sessions. All in all this is a fantastic little mouse for the price. It's also very attractive with the various lighting emanating from it which also serves the purpose of lighting up your gaming area at night. I let my daughter have this one and she was thrilled with it.  #Sentey

You can buy your own Nebulus Gaming mouse here on Amazon


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