Thursday, April 2, 2015

Avber PU Leather Woven Pattern Women's Handbag + Avber PU Leather Cross Body Women's Handbag Review

I really love this bag. It's my favorite right now. The PU leather material is high quality and makes it feel so genuine. There's a beautiful little design on the bag which kind of looks like little black bows going all around it and makes it look quilted. I also think it makes it look very classy. There are so many compartments to store things. There's a zipper behind the bag which is a good spot for my keys since it provides quick access to it. You also have a removable strap you can hook onto your bag so that you may carry it over your shoulder. All the gold accents look great along with the rosy colored alligator skin design found on the holding straps and top inside of the bag. Inside the bag it's made of a nice smooth material which looks easy to clean in case you happen to spill something inside of it. There's a deep zipper pocket located right in the middle of the bag. There is also a large and smaller backside pocket for maybe a phone. You also have another zipper on the opposite side of that for more storage. There's a large zipper up top in the middle of the bag so that you may conceal the contents of your bag safely. The strap above it also gives it extra security to keep prying stranger hands out of your bag. This purse is just absolutely gorgeous. I have received many compliments on it from friends, family and complete strangers while shopping with it on. I plan on using this purse all the time and out to special events just so I can show it off. It's nice having something that's not a clone of what everyone is buying at the local shops. I love it!

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I also got the chance to check out another bag from the same company on Amazon.

This bag is for the simple person who likes classy style. The PU leather style is kind of like a fine criss cross design that is very sleek looking. There are so many zippered compartments where you can store things. Right in the front seems to be a golden ring loop which to me seems like something you can clip something on to it. Maybe you can clip a keyring onto it? There are two large zipper compartments right at the top of the back on each side. The inside is made of some sort of smooth suede type of material. It's lovely. You have a larger and a smaller open compartment on one inside of the purse which would be perfect to place a cell phone in the larger side. On the opposite side you have another zippered compartment. There is no middle zippered compartment which leaves a very large space right in the heart of the bag so you can place large items in it comfortably. You can hold the bag with the two large holding straps or you can attach a removable shoulder strap to it that comes with it. This bag is super classy and I received a bunch of compliments on it from family and friends already. I think this would be perfect to use with a grey/black outfit to keep that modern " new york " styled look.

 You can purchase this bag on Amazon here:

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