Thursday, April 9, 2015

Daily Facial Cleansing Pads by Aveya Review

These cleansing pads are really great! They are super moist. I actually have another brand of cleansing pads (Noxzema) and let me tell you that the alcohol smell is so overwhelming. It actually burns my eyes just from me wiping my cheek area. I'm not knocking on Noxzema one bit and their stuff cleans my face but man oh man it burns and leaves my face smelling strong. I find the Aveya cleansing pads to be very gentle but effective. My face feels feel clean of oil and my skin looks great. I really hate using cream or liquid cleansers so these pads really are amazing to use. It makes getting ready in the mornings and at night for bedtime quick. Nobody likes breakouts on their face so this is an easy way to prevent that. I go through 2 pads a day and there are 75 pads in here so it will last me a little over a month. I'm really satisfied with these pads. #aveyafacialpads

 You can buy your own jar of Aveya daily facial cleansing pads on Amazon here:

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