Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sentey Bluetooth Headphones V4.0 Stereo B-trek H9 Ls-4560 with Microphone Headset

These headphones are quite fantastic! First of all, the case it comes in is awesome. It fits both attachments in there safely and comfortably along with the headphones. You can curl them in to make them smaller. You can also adjust them to give you extra length and space to fit your head size when wearing them. The pads on the ear part is soft and comfortable to wear for long periods of time. I gave these to my boyfriend and he has an iPhone 6 to use them with. He was able to easily go into his Bluetooth settings after turning the headphones on to find it there. You just connect them through there and they start working immediately. He streamed some music and it sounded crisp, perfect and bass-y. You can also hard connect it to your computer or any device you can plug in headphones which makes it great for gaming purposes as well. (We're both gamers and hearing the music and game sounds is something that needs to be enjoyed thoroughly with high quality headphones.) Yes, the headphones are a little big just like most other high quality Bluetooth headphones. It blocks out almost all of the outside sound so you'll be in your own little zone with them on. Oh! You can also answer your phone with just a touch of a button on the headphone as well which is cool. These headphones are perfect and I'm glad my boyfriend is enjoying them to their full extent. #Sentey

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