Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Masterclass Premium Hardcover Sketchbook Review

So I got to try out this wonderful premium sketch book from Master Class. This sketch book is perfect for drawing/coloring on. I love how easy the pages flip over and the perforations make it easy to pull out the drawing if you want to frame it. The hard "leather" type cover is beautiful and classic looking for a sketch book. You have to remember that this is only for dry media though so I wouldn't try water colors or heavy markers in here. If you are going to do markers it will probably bleed through so make sure to put a piece of cardboard under so it doesn't go to the next pages. I love the large size of the pages which give you enough space to make ample works of art. When I drew on it I noticed how smoothly the pencil rolled over the paper to get the perfect line strokes I needed for my artwork. This paper rocks! #masterclassart

You can buy your own Master Class Sketch Book here on Amazon:

You can check out my video here I made on Youtube of me using the Sketch Book to draw a picture. The video is 20 minutes long but you can skip through it. I adore this Sketch Book and will continue to use it for various drawings I make with pencil, charcoal and color pencils. 

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