Monday, April 6, 2015

Matcha Tea Ceremony Gift Set by Matcha DNA Review

This set is just awesome. Everything came perfectly packaged and intact. Everything you need to make Matcha tea comes in here. The box is magnetic and you can store everything in here after use but who wouldn't want to display this beautiful set? You get a small bag of Matcha tea powder, a handmade mixing bowl, a stirring spoon, a whisk and whisk holder. There are clear directions on the left of the box so you can know how to make your tea even if you are a beginner. This would make a great gift to any tea lover and/or someone completely new to it. It's a great introduction to Matcha tea. The Matcha tea has a strong vegetal taste mixed with a sweet aftertaste. I personally like to mix mine with some milk. I have used this set for myself a few times already and it's a fun experience to make tea in a ceremonial manner. I enjoy asian culture deeply and this probably brought me a little closer to it. #matchagiftset

You can buy your own Matcha DNA Matcha Tea Ceremony Gift Set here on Amazon:

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