Thursday, April 30, 2015

SureFire Designs Orange Wild Amber Blaze Camouflage Ring Review

I'm the type of girl who owns a few interesting pieces of jewelry and I knew I had to have this one in my collection. I actually went in blind and didn't know my exact ring size because I get rings and just put them on whatever finger it will fit nicely. I ordered it in the smallest size they had which was a 7. It fit my ring finger perfectly. Everyone has different sized hands so it would be tough for me to tell you how a 7 would fit for you. I'm 5'3 and 137 lbs if you want to try and figure that to hand size. I love the beautiful brown and orange colors. I wanted this variation of the ring because I thought it was warm and neutral with a slight pop of color which would be perfect for Spring/Summer/Fall. It's comfortable to wear and I haven't had any problem with it scratching. This would be good to wear instead of your actual wedding band for when you do go out into the wilderness. I think it's beautifully made and am very satisfied with it. #AntlerRingsWildAmberCamoRing

  • Made of Surgical Grade Stainless Steel

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