Saturday, May 23, 2015

Father's Day Gift Idea STEELTIME Men's 18k Gold Plated Watch with Matching 18k Gold Plated and Black Rubber Bracelet Gift Set

For the price, this watch really isn't that bad at all. I gave it to my boyfriend and thought it looked really nice on him. He said it was very comfortable to wear due to the rubber type strap it has. Not everyone may agree with the rubber texture being incorporated with such a classy watch face but I think it kind of mixes the elements of casual and business to make it business casual wear. There is a little plastic piece on the dial which you have to remove in order to activate it. The watch comes with a matching bracelet which also has the rubber incorporated within the stainless steel pieces. It's a weird mix but I do like it in the end. The watch and bracelet comes with a cute little gift box which makes it perfect for gift giving. Father's Day is coming up and any man would appreciate receiving this as a gift.

You can buy this Watch and Bracelet set on Amazon here:

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  1. you know i thought for a second that was nescas arm, and thought she should try to review that nono hair cutter. lol but i red the review and came to another opinion, the watch looks very nice and very affordable.