Thursday, May 21, 2015

Furzie Lint and Pet Hair Remover ( As seen on TV ) Review

I will start off by saying I own two cats that seem to shed all over everything. It has been getting worse lately because they shed more during the warmer seasons. There is one particular spot on my microfiber couch that one of my cats love to lay all the time. He leaves fur all over the arm rest and it becomes unsightly. I decided to try this lint remover and brushed with firm quick strokes. The cat hair seemed to gather in clumps and on the side of the brush I was going with. It was easy to pick up the clump and throw it away. It was also easy to pick off the cat hair on the brush to clean it up. I'm really impressed with this lint remover. It's very easy to hold as well. What's great about this is I can keep reusing it and don't have to worry about buying tape refills. I love this lint remover so much and hope to get a long time use out of it.  #FurzieTV

You can buy your own Furzie Lint Remover here on Amazon:

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  1. thats a neat little item, i just get my vacuum and chase my cat around. im joking of course O.O but the way this thing works, worth the buy. plus you can save energy by not having to chase the cat around trying to vacuum the hair off it. (I'm joking again 0.0) lol