Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Genie Best Collapsible Travel Pet Bowls Review

These pet bowls are really durable and have so much space within them. I thought they wouldn't be able to hold much food just by looking at them but I was wrong. I actually poured my large ceramic bowl full of cat food into one of the Genie bowls and it only filled the Genie bowl about half way. I couldn't believe it! These bowls are made of a nice and heavy material. The food stays put in the bowl and you won't really have to worry about it spilling out anywhere (unless you have a really rambunctious pet). I don't travel with my cats but I think this is really neat to have in the yard when I let them have outside time. I can fill it up with some water/food and let them enjoy themselves while I work in the yard. The bowls are also very easy to wipe down and clean after use. What I love the best is that they are collapsible and can store away neatly. This is definitely a must have for anyone who wants to take their dog or cat outside without having to drag their usual kitchen bowls with you.

  • CONVENIENCE Perfect for daily walks, hiking, camping, traveling and more - Great solution for pet owners to provide food and water for their pet(s) when they are outdoors. A safety gadget for pet owners who care about their pet's well-being and health. Store one in your emergency kit
  • ON THE GO LIGHTWEIGHT Bring these portable bowls with you when you take your dog, cat or pet for an outing. Use one for food and the other for water to keep your pet hydrated. Purchase comes with two bowls, one green and one brown modern trending colors (Set of 2). Ideal size for large and small pets. Perfect gift for your pet. Must-have for pet owners
  • COMPACT FOLDABLE Easy to carry travel bowl that collapses down to less than 1/4" thickness. Fold it - easily fits in a pocket, backpack or throw it into your glove compartment. Dimensions (opened): 5" Diameter and 4.25" H | Dimensions (folded): 8" L x 4.5" H x 0.25" thickness | each bowl can hold up to 2 pints (approximately 1L) of liquid
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL with a unique loop design. Can be used as a pet treat bag. 100% Safe for indoor and outdoor use. Made of long-lasting canvas fabric with waterproof nylon inner lining to prevent leakage (Note: The design is not meant for transporting water)
You can buy your own set of Genie pet food/water bowls here on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00WLCKNF2/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_0

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