Monday, May 4, 2015

Pure Copper Moscow Mule Mug with Copper Shot Glass Review

I am so in love with this copper mug. This is the only mug I own right now that keeps my drinks so refreshingly cool effortlessly. It's very pleasing to the eye as well and looks very well made. The mug is smooth all around and the handle looks welded in perfectly. I think I'm so into this mug because it kind of reminds me of a medieval type of mug. I've already enjoyed a few drinks in it and it's my favorite drink mug now. I also think it's comfortable to hold. It's the ultimate mug and I think this would be neat to have in sets of four for entertaining. What else makes this better? It comes with a cute little matching copper shot cup.#KitchenClassique

You can buy your own copper mug and copper shot cup here on Amazon:

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