Friday, May 29, 2015

Tea Secrets Loose Leaf Tea Infuser Set of 4

These are so cute! I'm constantly going through different kinds of loose leaf tea and hate using the throw away bags. The disposable bags are expensive and not environmentally friendly. These eco-friendly infusers are so easy to use. You just pluck the top off by the leaf and fill the metal container with your favorite tea. It closes back up easily and you just dunk it in your cup of hot water. The infuser is very easy to clean up after as well. I just dump the used tea leaves into the trash and rinse it out. All of the infusers come with a bottom drip tray so that you can rest it on there after using. I wash everything manually but these are also conveniently dishwasher safe. I'm so happy with these infusers and will be using them regularly. There's so many different kinds of teas today that are loose. Do yourself the favor and get a good infuser so you can try them all hassle-free! #Teainfuserteasecret

You can buy your own Loose Lea Tea Infuser set here on Amazon:

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  1. "shake it like a salt shaker" as they would say. i thought at first it was a salt/pepper shaker but upon further review its for tea, reusable which is always nice and eco friendly. they're very cute and works wonders.