Monday, May 4, 2015

The Best Laundry Bag With 2 Inch Shoulder Strap Review

This is literally the only laundry bag you will ever need for yourself. It's HUGE! I could fit so much clothing in here and still had room to spare. I don't go to the laundry place much but when I do it's to wash giant comforters so this is perfect for me. I am able to fit giant blankets, towels and pillowcases in here. It's pretty amazing. I love how durable the material is as well. The material would also make it easy to clean. I think cloth bags absorb odors too easily so I try to stay away from those kind anyway.  Most of the laundry bags I have come across are so thin and flimsy. What's also cool is this bag has a strap on it so you can lug it on your back easily. I think this is perfect for anyone's living situation and everyone should have a nice, high quality laundry bag such as this in their lives. #BestLaundryBaG

You can buy your own laundry bag here on Amazon:

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