Saturday, May 23, 2015

STEELTIME Women's Beautiful 18k Rose Gold Plated AB Swarovski Huggie Earrings (Jewelry)

These earrings are gorgeous. They are very classy and simple at the same time while providing an elegant touch that can be dressed up. Rose Gold has been something that I have been really attracted to lately. I think all the cutest pieces are in Rose Gold now. The Swarovski crystals sparkle so nicely. To open the earrings you simply pull them apart; attach into your ear and then close it shut so both ends meet each other. I love that these earrings do not irritate my skin because some cheap metals or metals laced with Zinc always seem to give me a rash. They also do not feel heavy hanging on my ear and are very comfortable. I adore these earrings very much and am happy with them. i have received lots of compliments on them as well.

You can buy these beautiful earrings here on Amazon:

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