Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Get the Look for Less: Instead of Christian Dior Tribal Pearl Earrings get the SteelTime Tribal Pearl Earrings by Pretty Pendant

Tribal pearl earrings are so popular now that celebrities are walking around with an expensive designer kind (Christian Dior). I think they look absolutely beautiful and different. But who wants to spend $500+ on a pair of earrings? Not I! So let's get the look for less with Pretty Pendant's version on Amazon.

I decided I wanted to try out the dark blue variety. They also have it in the regular white pearl color. They actually have a bunch of different colors you can choose from. I feel like they offer more of a casual look with jeans and a nice blouse but can be worn elegantly with a beautiful dress. They are very easy to put on and don't weigh much at all. These are great for anyone looking to have that tribal pierced look without the permanence of it. I have already gotten so many compliments on these earrings by many strangers, family and friends. They are just gorgeous and high quality. I also want to mention that I am sensitive to faux jewelry but these earrings were comfortable and didn't give me any rashes. Perfect! Ready to buy your own set?

You can BUY your own pair of SteelTime Tribal Pearl Earrings here on Amazon for $24.99 :

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