Thursday, May 7, 2015

FSL Zinc Zn30i Earbuds with 3 Button Remote and Mic Review

These are a decent pair of headphones. They come in a cute zippered carrying case which I used to put all the ear pieces in. Speaking of ear pieces, they come with so many different kinds so you are sure to find one that fits you properly. The remote on it is pretty straightforward and easy to use. Everything worked properly on it. The bass was a little better than what I am used to on ear buds. I chose to use the piece that curls around your ear. It wasn't super easy to keep in there but I finally kind of got it in. They were pretty comfortable. The wire on them is like a thin piece of noodle. I think it's protected well it's just something I have never seen before on a headphone wire. I gave these to my son to use on his computer since I prefer headphones. He hasn't complained about them yet and likes them a lot. He thinks they look pretty sweet.

You can buy your own pair of earbuds here on Amazon:

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