Thursday, May 28, 2015

SteelTime Ladies 18k Rose Gold Plated Spinner CZ Pendant Review

Looking for something a little more unique and elegant looking? Then look no further because SteelTime provides every type of jewelry piece you will ever need. This necklace is absolutely stunning in person. You really can't appreciate the beautiful way the cubic zirconias sparkle when the light hits it unless you see it for yourself. It almost looks like the whole thing is encrusted with the gems but that's not how it is. You kind of have a pure white base that they are in so it has that effect. The middle part and the chain is plated with18k Rose Gold which blends perfectly with the gems. The chain length isn't super long so it hits just the right spot to look elegant on you. I haven't had a problem with it irritating my skin so far and I am allergic to Zinc in jewelry. The "Spinner" part in the middle does indeed move if you want it to but it's pretty much the same all around it. This piece is gorgeous and I love showing it off.

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  1. Such a beautiful! piece! I love your photos. I have to check it out :D