Friday, May 15, 2015

STEELTIME Stylish Double Sided Tribal Pearl Earrings in Black Review

Hey guys! Touching up on the Dior Tribal Pearl earrings again. It's still quite popular to wear these type of earrings and I just wanted to present to you a more wallet friendly option. We all don't have $500 to spend on Dior earrings lol.

These earrings are so pretty, classic and unique! They are very easy to put on and are comfortable to wear. They are actual earrings that you have to put on through normally pierced ears. I usually get allergic reactions to cheap jewelry that contains zinc but I had no reaction with these. What I love about these earrings is that they are a cheaper alternative to high brow brands that probably cost a few hundred dollars and look just as good. These are elegant and can be dressed up or down. The black matches with a lot of things so that's why I chose them but all the colors and styles these earrings come in are beautiful. I've already received plenty of compliments on them by family and friends.
There are so many different styles and colors so go check them out. 

You can BUY your own pair here for $23.99 on Amazon:

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  1. ah the infamous black steel balls. The earrings do look nice and cheap! my fav combo