Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Ultimate Volcano Science Educational Kit Review

Woohoo! So I got to check another awesome education science kit from Dr.Cool. They basically offer many different kits to do educational things with your kids so they can learn and have fun at the same time. I'll tell ya that these kits really have held my 10 and 11 year old's attention which is hard to do nowadays.

This kit is jam packed with a bunch of things. You get provided with a bunch of plaster to make the volcano , paints, brush, reactive powders and activity booklets. You also get three natural formations to teach your kids about them. My obsidian arrowhead came broken which was a little disappointing but the kids did get excited about that one. They kept mentioning something about Minecraft which is how they knew what it was.

I went ahead to make the plaster mix for the volcano mold. I pretty much took half the bag of plaster and dumped it into a tupperware bowl. (Make sure its disposable because this stuff hardens). I added water to it by guesstimating it. I honestly couldn't find directions on it and didn't want to look it up on the site. The plaster came out fine and I poured it in. You have to make sure it covers the whole mold because my volcano actually came out off towards the top part. I needed to leave the plastic cap at the top to have sufficient space for the chemicals to react.

Anyway, the kids loved doing this! They always like to learn new things with Dr.Cool. It's weird because they are at that age where it's like , "Leave me alone ..I'm bored!!!" But they wanted to do everything and we took the Geode out to the yard to break it open with a hammer. They really enjoyed themselves and learned a lot. #discoverwithdrcool

You can buy your own Dr. Cool Ultimate Volcano Science Educational Kit here on their website:

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