Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Glass Pendant Jewelry Making Craft Kit (Art Nouveau) Make Your Own Costume Jewelry Pendant Necklace

This pendant making craft kit is so much fun! It says it's for adults but I had my 11 year old help me do them. You just have to be gentle because the front part is made out of glass and if you drop it it might crack or break. You get everything you need to make your pendants. It comes with two types of necklaces so you can hang your pendants on them. You also get the glue which you will need to make everything stick together properly. There's three different shapes it comes with and it also comes with designed paper pieces to put into the pendants. If you really want to get creative you can just print out tiny pictures from online and cut them to the same size as the design pieces to make your own custom necklace. These are not stickers and you will need scissors to cut out the designs. The pendants look really pretty and high quality when finished. Everything worked flawlessly and it was easy to do.

You can buy this awesome pendant making kit on Amazon here:

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