Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dry Mitt by The Fischer Group

So I often get to try interesting new things from various companies and I wanted to share this item I got to try out. It's called the Dry Mitt from The Fischer Group. There are many ways you can use this item at home. It can be used for applying liquids such as lotion , soaps and window cleaner. It slipped over my hand easily and feels relatively comfortable. The glove seems to be made of a felt material that I am used to working with while crafting. I thought about what I could use this for at home and then I decided to try it out on my large screen TV/Console. I wiped through dust and dirt easily without having to use any chemical cleaner. It picked up all the stuff left behind and my TV console looked great. I think I could see this product being used as a disposable dusting mitt. Lots of people hate having to rewash things over and over again so they would be more inclined to go with something disposable that saves them time. Something like this would probably be popular to get your kids to clean up the house as well. I think this would be neat in a bunch of different colors or designs.

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