Monday, May 18, 2015

Kuuk 8 Inch Pink chef knife with paring knife Review

Both of these knives are so awesome! First of all, I love the vibrant bright pink color on it. The handle is very comfortable to hold while cutting things. The blade itself is really sharp and slices through things without much effort at all. I have used it from slicing bacon, chicken breast, onions and potatoes. It just goes through it all without a problem. The paint has not chipped or anything either. I have washed it plenty of times and it keeps it's look and form. These knives have become my favorite to work with now while preparing foods. Just be careful with them when you are drying them after washing. I had it in my drying rack and went to grab a fork near it and had cut my finger without even noticing until like 5 seconds later. When I say these knives are super sharp, I mean it! I wish I had a whole set of these knives quite honestly. Amazing! #PinkChefKnife

  • Stylish 8-inch all-purpose professional chef's knife
  • Pink color created by cleanly bonding FDA-approved, food-safe high-grade resin to stainless-steel blade
  • Ergonomic handle ensures easy grip and comfort even after long use
  • High-carbon stainless-steel blade guarantees fine cutting and a keen, lasting edge
  • Blade and handle are balanced so weight of knife is distributed optimally in your hand.

You can buy your own knife set here on Amazon:

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  1. you had me at the bacon picture and from the cut it looks like it was a clean cut as well. i love knives that cut good i dont want to cut something and think like im trying to cut french bread with a butter knife.