Thursday, May 21, 2015

SteelTime Ladies 18kt Rose Gold Plated Stainless Steel Towtie Ring Review

There are many different styles of bow rings around these days. Some of them look over the top fancy encrusted with jewels while others look really huge on your hand. I think I have found the perfect balance of beauty and simplicity with this bow ring from SteelTime.

 This ring is absolutely adorable! I'm crazy about Rose Gold lately and this one is just the perfect piece. Every time I come across bow rings they often look tacky or made for little kids. This one has a very adult feel about it but it's fun at the same time to bring out the kid in you. The bow itself has depth to it unlike other cheap flat rings. You can actually see the bow curve as it should. The coloration is gorgeous and looks pretty on my hand. It's comfortable to wear at a size 7 for my ring finger. I also have sensitive skin in which anything laced with Zinc seems to trigger rashes. This ring did not effect my skin at all. I'm very happy with this high quality ring.

You can buy your own SteelTime bow ring here on Amazon:

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