Thursday, June 18, 2015

Cornucopia Brands Gold and Diamond Fashion Body Chains for Women

These body chains are really cute! You can wear them in so many different ways. I think they dress up crop tops really nicely. You can also wear them over plain black dresses for an elegant touch. Gotta look good at the beach, right? These also look great with a bikini on or just to costume dress with belly dancing as well. They are comfortable to wear and lay nicely in the right spots. What else can you use them for? I actually have them laying around for decoration while I am not using them which looks cool. The clasps open and close easily and they just look high quality. I hate buying cheap jewelry pieces online and finding out that they look cheap as well in person but you won't be disappointed with the way these look in person. My favorite one is the one with gems on it for decor purpose but the other one looks really nice under opened blouses. Your creativity will definitely show these pieces off positively. #BodyChains

  • ✓BEAUTIFUL BODY CHAINS PERFECT FOR SUMMER, WINTER, AND FALL- These body chains are perfect for many seasons and styles, wear them with a swimsuit, with a long dress, or with a tank top, these body chains transition from season to season very easily
  • ✓TWO STYLES INCLUDED- Two beautiful styles of womens gold body chains, one chain includes beautiful crystal clear diamond style stones that hang perfectly at the middle chest. The second style includes a beautiful gold chain that hang down to below your chest, then splits into twos for draping down both sides

You can buy your own fashion body chain set here on Amazon:

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  1. those are very cute i always liked the add on jewelry woman wear, like a cherry on top of an ice cream.