Thursday, June 25, 2015

Making coconut icees with 100% organic Cocozia coconut water and Goya Cream of Coconut

This organic coconut water from Cocozia is absolutely delicious! I am not highly fond of coconut water because I would hate getting them at the store and finding the disgusting pieces of coconut at the bottom of the can, yech! I tried this out chilled straight from the refrigerator and was pleasantly surprised. It gave me such a good feel of natural energy. I let some of my family try them out as well and they loved it.

I actually wanted to try this out in a simple recipe to make coconut icees. My mom would make these growing up with just cream of coconut and water. I wanted to mix it up and see how it would taste if I substituted some of the water for coconut water. I thought it would just enhance the flavoring.

 I just mixed a can of Goya coconut cream, 2 bottles of Cocozia and a can of water then chilled the mixture in the freezer over night in baking trays. The result is delicious little frozen coconut treats. I usually would just use regular water with them growing up but using the Cocozia instead has made them taste better plus give them a better texture.

At a little over $2 a bottle it is a little pricey but well worth it for the 100% natural high quality drink. It was enough to hydrate me twice so it was a good deal for me for what it is. So if you want a simple Summer coconut treat then go for it! This is so easy to make and I promise you that your kids and family will love this. Icees at the store are filled with so much sugar and filler stuff that's probably not that great for kids anyway so let them try this out.

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  1. i have tried these i believe, and they're good and well worth it. the frozen icee is a nice take on it as well especially on a hot day to hydrate.