Friday, June 19, 2015

Vinyl Disorder Custom Car & Wall Vinyl Graphics Review

Woohoo! Check out all these neat vinyl decals and stickers I got to check out in return for a review on them. I actually recognize a few of these things which is neat. Everything looks pretty good and super high quality. I really liked the knight with the sword and shield so I just am going to snip the lettering off the bottom of it and put it on my car. (Geeky medieval stuff, you know it!)

Whatever custom, inspirational, or fun vinyl decal stickers you're looking for will satisfy. Their vinyl decal company produces custom decal stickers for all surfaces and purposes, including walls, cars, laptops, windows, lighters and many more

Choose from thousands of predesigned vinyl decal stickers including cheap wall quotes, in loving memory car decals, and family kits. They have over a thousand band decals to choose from, and if you don't see what you want you can choose their custom band decal option. There's a decal for all interests, with their sports, family, and music decals all at prices you can afford. Don't see the band or image you're looking for? Not only do they produce custom decal stickers for your favorite band, they'll also do custom work for businesses, auto registrations, boat lettering, dirt and sport bikes. Choose from various colors, fonts, and images to create your own custom decals or use our custom decal stickers designer to create your own business decals, wall quotes, or band decals. Size of the order doesn't matter, they treat them all equally. Whether it's a single custom order or mass quantities of stickers, they make the product when you order it.

Go check out their expansive site to see what they can offer you!

I thought it would be cool to try and find out what some of these business or companies were. So let's go on an internet scavenger hunt, shall we?

Community Christian Academy (The Knight with sword and shield ) I have no idea because there are literally thousands of schools that come up with that name.

The Beast Coast beard man thing. Uh , I dunno it might be this website here?

Oh Fancy, which is just a website for loft apartment rentals in Chicago, IL.

Github Student Developer Pack which is some code development site

CAT construction equipment? Very familiar with them for sure

Black hearts bravo 4-3 avn regt...Might be some military quarter

Motive Collect might be some fancy photography and video site. is just some hip hop radio station site

Granbury Cheetahs is just some special olympics team in Texas. PRetty cool. I found their FB page

Satori could be this Sushi Bar? I'm not sure though because it's such a popular overused word for many Japanese businesses looks like some gathering place for festivals and special events

4 strong philadelphia could be some sports club though I could not find a site for it

Looks like Doberman Pride is an online store to buy doberman clothing and fashion accessories.

Cypress technical welding? It is what it is...a welding company

Believe everything and question nothing is pretty strange. It's kind of like a backwards quote from some Buddha  ..not sure what that is all about.

I think Lotuss might be this clothing company

Performance GDI? Could be this company ..though i am not sure

There were a couple of them with just images on them so I don't know what they are but that was fun now wasn't it?


  1. i will have to check out those sites, a lot of interesting items.

  2. I just am going to snip the lettering off the bottom of it and put it on my car. (Geeky medieval stuff, you know it!)​​wall stickers for nursery