Monday, June 1, 2015

Purrfect Arch Self Groomer with Bag of Catnip, Cat Grooming Arch Review

So I wanted to try out this cat product for Rusty and Peeper. It's called the Purrfect Arch. It's basically a carpeted base with a brush arch. The self groomer comes with a nice sized bag of catnip and easy to assemble. As you can see Miss Peeper cat thoroughly enjoyed this cat grooming arch. She rubbed and rubbed all over it. The only thing is I did not put the catnip on the bottom part. I thought it would have been better if they made a compartment that opened from the top where you could store the catnip easily. I had to sprinkle the catnip over the carpeted area and a little bit on the top of the arch.

My cat Rusty also loves the Purrfect Arch. He loves to just lay down over it. He's obviously way too big for it but loves it anyway. The only thing is sometimes the cats will rub aggressively against it and one of the sides may pop off. (As you can see the one side is popped off) It's easy to put back in. I think its a pretty good cat toy/groomer for the price. Not sure if it's a super effective grooming device but they sure do love to rub all over it.

Interested in the Purrfect Arch? You can buy your own here on Amazon:

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  1. peepers seems to know how to use the item puurfectly.... while rusty is taking the "well someones got to lay on it" approach that cats often take. the item is very affordable, will help keep most of the hair off the furniture, and provides a nice napping place. ( for the cat) lol