Thursday, June 18, 2015

Nutrabear Vitamin D3 800 IU Gummies - 100% Vegetarian for Kids & Adults

I wanted to try and find a good vitamin supplement for my 10 and 11 year old to take so I turned to Nutrabear. I didn't even tell them the flavors and gave it to them to try. The first thing my son said was that they tasted epic. I asked what they tasted like? My daughter said peach and my son said fruity/strawberry. I'm so glad that they loved these vitamin gummies. I did decide to try one for myself and thought they were delicious. I have had sample vitamin gummies before and was less than thrilled with the taste. They are not hard but easy to chew and swallow. While I find that they don't exactly look like bears that doesn't bother me. These vitamins are fantastic and have everything my kids need to keep healthy while eating the junk food that they do. I'm happy with it and these should last a long while. #nutrabear

You can buy your own bottle of Nutrabear Vitamin D3 here on Amazon:

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  1. i was thinking about getting my boys some vitamins, since they are very picky eaters, chewy fruity flavors they will gobble it up lol and not a bad price either