Wednesday, June 3, 2015

SteelTime Women's 18k Rose Gold Plated & Stainless Steel Floating Crystal Watch with Matching CZ Stud Earring Gift Set

These watches are absolutely stunning! Rose gold seems to be really popular right now plus it looks good with almost everything. The stainless steel watch is icy cool looking. Stainless steel is very neutral looking plus it looks good with many fashion statements. Both of these watch and earring sets come packaged beautifully in a black gift box. The bands are made of PU leather which kind of has like a suede feel to it. I have really tiny wrists and I was able to fit it on the second to last hole. The floating crystals really do move around inside the face of the watch at certain angles. You really can't go wrong with these watches and it can either look casual or dressed up with whatever you decide to wear it with. The earrings are really comfortable as well. I also wanted to point out that my skin does not break out while wearing this as it usually does when it is exposed to Zinc metals. The watch is comfortable and looks amazing. I love showing it off to family and friends while receiving many compliments on it.

You can buy both of these beautiful watches on Amazon.

SteelTime Rose Gold Watch Set:

SteelTime Stainless Steel Watch Set:

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  1. queen nesca got some bling bling? looks good to me. as always affordable and looks very good is a deal so why not?