Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Packing Cubes By Good Nomad - 4 Piece Travel Luggage Organizers Set with Laundry Bag Review

You can use these awesome packing cubes in so many different ways. You get 4 various sized packing cubes plus the carrying bag which I just use as additional storage. All of them have a nifty carrying handle so you can carry them easily. The material is strong and durable. Believe me when I say you can fit so much into these packs, zip them up and they will hold well. I do travel sometimes and do plan on taking them with me on a trip if need be but what I really like to use these packing cubes for is storage in my closet. These packing cubes are so perfect to put your winter sweaters/long sleeve shirts away in. I also use the smaller ones to put thin sheet sets away in. You can pack everything away neatly in a large bin all organized or you can just leave them in these packs piled in your closet. I'm not worried about moths so the breathable mesh covering is fine with me plus I like the fabric to breathe so it doesn't get all weird smelling. I also like to use the smaller ones in my dresser drawers to separate and organize my underwear. These bags are very helpful and I love using them.

 Size measurements of bags: 

Extra Large: 17 x 12
Large: 15 x 11
Medium: 12.5 x 8
Small: 10.5 x 6

  • Nylon 100% Good Nomad
  • DURABLE Diamond Guard Nylon StealthTech Material
  • CONVENIENT Multiple sizes fits all your customizable packing and travel storage needs
  • EASY Organizing your travel experience has never been this easy and stress free!
  • BONUS FREE Laundry Bag to store dirty clothes, swimsuits or shoes from your trip.
You can buy your own 4 piece travel luggage organizer set here on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00XO45UWW?redirect=true&ref_=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_0


  1. i dont always travel, but when i do i prefer...wait no this isnt about beer.lol i do like travel packs i keep one in my car etc first aid and what not, always good to have extra as well, will have to check this out

  2. I really like the mesh cover in packing cubes. It let your clothes breathe inside so I doesn't smell when you unpack them from long travel. Mine I got my 6 packing cubes from amazon.