Monday, June 15, 2015

Azio Exo 1 Gaming Mouse Review

This is a great little affordable gaming mouse. I have noticed that they have been getting better and better as the years go by. Most of the gaming mice (like this Azio Exo1-K)  are coming with braided USB cables which is seriously helpful to keep that wire protected. You don't need any fancy software to mess around with it because you just plug it in and you're good to go. Your computer should recognize it and downloads what it needs to automatically install it. The mouse lights up when it's plugged into your computer which is neat. Anyway, you have all the necessary buttons for setting up macros for your gaming needs. You have two buttons on the side of it and another up top as a middle mouse button. You have a scrolling wheel which is comfortable for your finger to use. This mouse is perfect for people who have smaller hands. The light up top is your DPS indicator which basically lets you know how slow or how fast you want your mouse cursor to move around. Is this going to replace my Logitech MMO gaming mouse? Definitely not, BUT, it is a very nice beginner gaming mouse which is affordable. You don't use a million macros while gaming? This is for you. There's no reason to get a gaming mouse with a crazy amount of extra buttons anyway when you won't use them. Like I said, this is simplicity and affordability that can perform well.

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  1. that is a cool gaming mouse, simple design and just plug and play. i do like the braided cords since my son likes to chew on anything interesting, decent enough price, going to go old school by saying back in my day of pc gaming was booming those things were so expensive. so to see the prices fall and more competition, us the customers win.