Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Elago Simple Sophistication H Stand for Gaming and Audio Headphones

I love this headphone stand so much! I actually have mine up top my dresser since I use a laptop but I do have two pairs of headphones. I have wired headphones which I use on my laptop and wireless ones which I use with my tablet. Since my wired ones are plugged in most of the time I had to keep my wireless ones packed away which was annoying. Now all I have to do is grab them right from my elago stand on the dresser to use them which is super convenient. The grip up top balances them perfectly and there is plenty of space for larger headphones. The stand itself looks so sleek on my dresser top. It never falls over even with me opening and closing my dresser drawers constantly which lets me know it's a great design. I'm so happy with my stand!

  • DESIGN : Abstaining from unnecessary functions and flashy colors, H stand is a tasteful addition to your desk or workspace. The design incorporates a modern, sleek look.
  • SCRATCH-FREE : Silicone pads prevent scratches and gives a stable base for your headphones to rest upon.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL HEADPHONES : Silicone protective padding, for the headphone holder, is large enough to accommodate all sizes.
  • PERFECT HEIGHT : The stand's height is measured at 10.5 inches, providing more space than other stands available on the market; almost all headphones are compatible.
  • SPLASH OF COLOR : Add a splash of color to your desk or workspace. The H Stand comes in three variations: Silver, Dark Gray, and Champagne Gold.

You can buy your own Elago headphone stand here on Amazon:

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  1. i been looking for new headphones, since mine always break. the stand is a nice addition, i just hanged my headphones where ever there was room lol