Monday, June 8, 2015

Greenwald's Glass & Hard Surface Cleaner 6-Pack Review

You know it's really nice that this glass and window cleaner is Eco friendly but I think my favorite part about it is that it has convenience. For me, it's annoying to have to go out to constantly buy new bottles of cleaners so having these little packets on hand is wonderful. I had a near empty bottle of glass cleaner on hand so I decided to use that for my new Greeenwald's cleaner. I just threw a packet of the cleaner into the bottle and then filled it up with water. You basically let it sit for a few minutes and then shake it around to mix well. The packets will dissolve into the water on its own and doesn't need to be opened or poked. I have a bunch of mirrors and windows around my home so I decided to use this formula with some paper towels. It worked so well to clean up everything perfectly. My windows and mirrors are streak free and look brand new. I also noticed there isn't a strong chemical smell to it which is a plus. I'm very happy with the cleaner and will continue using it all around my home. #glasscleaner
  • ★ No Streak, Film Or Leftover Haze. Leaves Glass Crisp & Clear Without Water Stain Or Spots
  • ★ Excellent Cleaner For Auto, Windshield, Mirror, Household, Kitchen, Bathroom, Shower Doors, Outside
  • ★ Commercial Strength, Cleans The Toughest Grime. Easily Remove Fingerprints, Grease, Films and Smearing.
  • ★ Environmentally Friendly, Doesn't Fill Up Landfills With Plastic Bottles. Easy To Store.
 You can buy your own 6 pack set of glass and hard surface cleaner on Amazon here:

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  1. now this is my area of expertise so to speak. ive used some cheap chemicals before trust me, and streaks are hated by clients, i find that good paper towels or microfiber rags (which are my fav now) works really well to absorb it all, this looks like something i would get for my home, since i dont like cleaning a window more than once, and maybe out on the job since time is money my friend!