Sunday, June 7, 2015

Snuggle Fresh Spring Flowers Mission

Just wanted to do a quick little post on my experience with the new Fresh Spring Flowers scent from Snuggle. I honestly usually don't use fabric softener. I tend to throw fabric dryer sheets in the dryer at the laundromat. I have purchased a new mini washing machine not too long ago. I didn't need to go to the laundromat anymore BUT I didn't have a dryer anymore because I would be hanging the clothing outside to dry. I needed a way to get my clothes fresh smelling.

In comes this Snuggle fabric softener from Snuggle that I got to try for free. I kind of just take a little bit in the cap and pour it in at the beginning of the cycle. The fresh floral scent is so strong but in a good way. I could smell the wet clothing as I pulled them out to transfer them to the yard for hanging. When I put them away I could still smell the wonderful scent which was lovely. You know what's also cool? I hang undies and socks around the house to dry and my house smelled so wonderful while they were drying. My clothes are soft and just a pleasure to pull out the drawers now. This fabric softener makes me so happy and I am glad I got to try it out.

Where can you find this Snuggle Fresh Spring Flowers scented variety? You could probably find it at Walmart or Target. I got mine at Walmart. Good luck and I hope you decide to try this out.

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**You want a fabric softener that has the special softness and freshness your family loves.
Introducing the new Snuggle Fresh Spring Flowers scent – a scent that will keep your fabrics smelling fresh and feeling comfortable, perfect for more Snuggle-up moments.

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  1. i always enjoy a snuggle and have used snuggle before over the years and always been decent, will have to try to see if its better than my current fabric softener.