Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Restaurant Discount Warehouse Chef Coat Size Small

I really wanted a Chef coat for cooking at home with because cooking can be really messy. I got the opportunity to try this one out from Restaurant Discount Warehouse. I'm 5'3" 135 lbs and I found the chef coat to be a little too big on my body. The length of the sleeve was also a bit long for me. I decided I would have my boyfriend try it on to see if it would fit him. He usually wears a size Large in clothing. I'm guessing he would fit better in a size Medium or even a Large but for the sake of showing it off here it is. I could wear it but the sleeves would just get in the way for me personally. It's really nice though and I will be giving this to my sister who usually fits a medium well. The material of the coat and the buttons are all high quality. This is way better than just using an apron for sure. What's better is that it's only $9.95 for average sizes up to XL. 2XL- 6XL the price goes up a little bit to account for the extra fabric uses of course. There is a nice sized front pocket on the coat and also a pocket on the left sleeve. #EconomyChefCoat

They also have many different styles of coats on their website. I'm quite fond of the black one.

You can buy your own Chef Coat here:

Check out all of their cool culinary related items on their site here:

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  1. he looks like hes going to "hulk out" lol real good prices for the chef or caterer, i know they can get quit expensive, always nice to see good prices.