Friday, June 5, 2015


I'm going to start off by saying I have never used a CHI so I can't compare this to that at all. I've had the KQC which is a little more expensive than this so I'll compare it to that ultimately. The Onassis straightener is really good. The thing I noticed right away was how quickly this iron heats up. It takes seconds for it to reach high temperatures. I also notice that I don't hear any sizzling sounds but it's very quiet instead. It must be easier on the hair. It doesn't snag like other flat irons do. This straightener is easy to hold plus it has a thumb area for you to grip it comfortably. You can easily control the heat that goes to your hair but I always max out the settings to 450 for best results. I straighten my 11 year old's hair every single morning and she has some crazy curly hair. I figured if this flat iron can tame her mane in a reasonable amount of time then it would be worth it. You want the best results you can get with this thing? Do yourself a favor and get a thermal spray to use with it. The shiniest and smoothest results I ever got was with a thermal spray and a flat iron. Anyway, this flat iron got the job done and it did it in about 15 minutes. I am thoroughly impressed with it. Is it better than the KQC? I'm not sure yet because that one broke within a year of use so I have to see how long this one will last me but in terms of quality this is pretty much on par with it and cheaper. The cord on this straightener is long enough but I don't drag it too far anyway. I'm really happy with this hair straightener and I hope you decide to give it a shot. Please take a look at the photo before and after shots on my daughter's hair because the picture results speak for the product itself.


- MCH Ceramic Tourmaline Heating Plates

- NANO Technology Ceramic Coating

- Super Fast Heat Up

- Safety Auto Shut Off

- L.E.D Temperature Display

- 360 Degree Anti Tangle Cord

You can purchase this wonderful flat iron on Amazon here:

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  1. i got one problem, i cant use this :( my hair is only a inch long lol, too lazy to comb etc lol, my wife would be interested though.