Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ankit - Cute and trendy Fashion accessories for you and your home

What is Ankit? Ankit is a cute and trendy website that designs cool fashion accessories for you and your home. They've done collab collections with some of the largest and trendsetting fashion retailers in the world - Their products can be found in 8000+ stores worldwide!

They have a bunch of cute stuff you can look at through their website at www.TheAnkit.Com

Here's a few of my favorite things from their website. That's what's awesome is they just have these random and adorable pieces. If you're looking for something not a lot of people will have you should check out their site. All of their stuff is made with love and creatively.

I got to check out their Daisy Air Freshener. I liked it and thought it smelled really lovely. I actually decided to put it in my bathroom so it smells like flowers. The scent on it is really strong and deep. It's also a thick and looks cute in the bathroom. #iheartankit

The product is sold out right but it was located here.

You can also shop their Instagram here

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  1. Very interesting site... go there to look for one thing and end up with 20 tabs open lol i use air fresheners at work in my office, since its a older office. i will have to get some .