Friday, September 4, 2015

Wipe New, Easy to Use Wipe-It Kit. For Home and Outdoors Restores and Protects Vinyl, Plastic, Stone, Fiberglass, Metal

I was very skeptical of these wipes working for my purpose but I thought it did a pretty good job. I have a custom shower stall that has real tiles inside of it on the walls. The tiles have just gotten this awful limescale build up throughout a period of 2 and a half years. This box of wipes were easy enough to use and came with some gloves to wear while using. If you're using this inside like I did please be sure to open up your windows. The smell will really knock you off your feet. I can still smell this stuff in my nose almost two hours later from inhaling it. It kind of smells like ammonia. When you open up the packet it will be a single yellow cloth that has the product in it. I wiped down my tiles and saw the hardened buildup diminish. It didn't totally go away but it was good enough to look better. I also wiped down the handle in the shower and the sink faucet. They look a million times better now. I think it's plenty worth it for the cleaning it did. No amount of "elbow grease" has made it look like the wipes amazing work.

  • Perfectly saturated microfiber cloth makes applying Wipe New fast and easy
  • Protects from oxidation, fading, sun and water damage
  • Restores vinyl, plastic, metal, stone, fiberglass and more
  • Apply once and the shine lasts for years
  • Contains: 5 precision wipe-its, 2 pair of nitrile gloves and 1 detail swab

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