Saturday, September 5, 2015

Lumi Outdoors Extra Strength Natural Shoe and Foot Deodorizer Spray

I've been secretly spraying this stuff in my kids' and boyfriend's shoes. They have the sweatiest and stinkiest feet ever. The spray smells very minty and like pine trees to me. I used about 3 sprays for each shoe and that was enough to take care of it. I definitely preferred the scent of this spray over other sprays I have tried. The ingredients in here are easy to read and I recognize a lot of it. I like to use this in the bathroom over my cats kitty litter box which helps to control odors there as well. This spray looks like it will last a long time and I love the many uses it has. I'm just thrilled with it.

  • Are you embarrassed by foot odor or smelly shoes? Lumi Shoe Spray is an all-natural shoe spray deodorant that safely eliminates shoe odor and stops foot odor effectively.
  • Are you tired of your foot deodorizer smelling as bad as your stinky feet? Lumi Shoe Spray combines tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint, and clove essential oils. Men and women alike will appreciate this pleasant smelling solution to stinky shoes and bad foot odor.
  • Do you want to know how to remove odor from your shoes once and for all? Lumi Shoe Spray contains essential oils with antibacterial and antifungal properties that safely remove shoe odor.
  • Are you an athlete trying to keep your feet healthy? Lumi Shoe Spray is an essential oil deodorant with antimicrobial properties. These essential oils kill odor causing bacteria and fungi to help prevent athlete's feet.
  • Are you wondering if Lumi Shoe Spray is right for you? Anyone looking for the best natural deodorant for feet and shoes will appreciate the effectiveness of Lumi Shoe Spray. Rock climbers, runners, mountain bikers, hikers, skiers, and all other athletes. Anyone looking for a great shoe freshener or foot odor spray.

You can buy your own bottle of Lumi Outdoors Shoe spray on Amazon:

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