Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Coloring your hair is easy with Kisspat Hair Chalk

This stuff was cool to mess around with but really messy. Your hands will get full of the chalk so make sure to do this in the bathroom if you can. I was hoping for a dark rich pigment in my almost black looking dark brown hair but it was rough for me to do. I'm sure it works for dark brown hair but the fact is I think this stuff just looks best in light colored hair. So I popped on a light grey wig I had and got to work trying out all of the colors. I think the best most pigmented one has to be that fuchsia (pink/purple) looking color. This is probably something fun to use for going out to music festivals. You don't have to use this on your hair and I think it would be kinda cool as skin color if you're cosplaying an elf/orc that requires lightblue/purple/green skin colors. The chalk also wipes off quite easily with just some water. I love the large variety of colors in here as well. Awesome product and the price is super affordable but like I said I truly recommend it for lighter haired people.

About the Product

  • 24 Luscious Colors Include Bold Brights, Pastels, and Earth Tones, blue, purple, pink etc, Each chalk stick comes with Extra Large Volume which Can be used repeatedly
  • Perfect temporary hair dye with Absolute no commitment! Easy to apply colors on hair, last 1 days or more!
  • Great for dress up, performance costumes and many other occasions, very nice gift idea for kids and teenagers
  • Salon grade, Non-toxic Chalk not regular street chalk, these are real soft pastel chalks

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