Friday, September 18, 2015

Pets and More Window Mounted cat bed

This cat bed was relatively easy to put together following the included directions. My one cat is heavy so I thought he would for sure knock it off the window but surprisingly this stood up to his weight. The furry mat is decent but you could always just add your own blanket or cushion on top of it. You pretty much need a certain kind of window to hang this. I was only able to fit it on my front porch window which is very large. I think this is an awesome concept and an affordable solution to have your cat be able to sit at a window with no sill. It's also great because you don't have to mess up your walls or wood frame by drilling into it. #windowcatbed

  • COZY AND SNUG - A comfortable and warm seat for your favourite cat to rest on and enjoy the day
  • REMOVABLE CUSHION - Removable covers, pads and soft fleece cushions to make it more comfortable for your cat and allow for easy washing
  • ROBUST DESIGN - Made from durable materials and a strong frame that prevents sagging, the seat is sturdy enough to hold up to 50 pounds of weight
  • EASY TO INTALL - Having a non-permanent fixture allows it to be easily installed onto different windows; no tools required to install and can work with suction cups
  • ATTRACTIVE - The components are designed to match any kind of interior decor and are available in a variety of colours (Blue, Grey, etc)

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