Thursday, September 3, 2015

Scentiments Soy Scented Candles - Mm Cinammon

I got my scented candle in the Cinnamon scent with the Family print across the front. It's presented so beautifully and reminds me of that shabby chic cottage look. The wick on this candle is huge and burns so intensely. The scent is very clean and light so don't expect it to fill your whole home. I burned it in my small living room for half the day and I got the scent just in that room and very faintly over to the next room. I think generally that's how soy candles work though. What's great is that this candle will last a really long time since it burns slowly. I think this is perfect for gift giving since it has cute little printed labels and gift cards. #scentimentscandles

  • 100% USA SOY: Supporting industry here in the USA we use only natural soy wax which means you get the very best wax and cleanest burning candle
  • HIGH CINNAMON FRAGRANCE CONTENT: They manufacture all our candles using high quality essential oils to give the very best fragrance throughout the room
  • REUSABLE MASON JARS: Once you have enjoyed your candle don't forget all the wonderful things you can do with your Mason Jar.
  • GIFT CARD: Not only do all Scentiments candles with a description on the label but they also include an individual gift card for your own personalised message. 

You can buy your own Soy Candle here on Amazon :


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