Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Luxy Beauty Care Long Handle (Bath/Shower) Body Brush

This shower body brush is really useful to keep in my bathroom. I have been using it every single time I shower which has been awesome. I love the pretty green color on it and love the clear plastic material which kind of resembles vintage green glass. The bristles on this brush are soft yet firm enough to get a good scrub on your skin without hurting you. I like the fact that it has a small hanging rope on the end of it which makes it easy to just hang from my bathroom towel hooks. I have been mainly using this on my legs since I suffer from dry skin bumps called " chicken skin ". It scrubs off most of the dry skin effectively allowing me to shave properly. This also feels really good on the back since its kind of hard to reach back there manually. It has been quite helpful to use and I'm glad to have it in my bathroom.  #luxybeautycare

  • Our skin, the largest organ in the human body, has a crucial function in eliminating toxins of the body. Did you know that 1/4 of your body's toxins are removed through the skin? Imagine that your pores are blocked by dead cells or other impurities. You skin would not be able to excrete those toxins. This is one of the reasons brushing helps to unblock pores and improves the removal of toxins and impurities that are trapped in your skin.

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