Friday, September 11, 2015

A must for leather workers or just needing that special tool to tighten belts

I really do love this hole punch. Besides wanting one for future leather working projects I thought this would be great around for belt issues. I always seem to get belts that are just a little too long without enough fitting holes in it for the buckle. I tried this out with one of my belts that needed an extra hole. When you get this tool there will be a black plastic part on the bottom holding the tool in a closed position. I just threw this away and decided to leave it open because I don't want to deal with that piece. I think there should have been something a little more durable and easily attached to it to close it when not in use but it's no big deal to me. There are a few different sized punchers on the tool. I was really wondering how to move the wheel and then I just pushed on it really hard and it moved to the next one. I'm not sure if that's how you do it or if you have to unscrew it to move it easier but I was able to do it. The puncher punched its hole right through the belt really smoothly and easily. I was impressed with the work it did. There was no struggling with it while in use so I am very happy with it.

  • The punch wheel made of zinc alloy, stronger punch effect
  • Replaceable puncher base, the base has 4 surfaces can be use by turn around and over
  • Polished puncher head, made of medium carbon steel
  • Can be used on watch strap, leather belt, paper card, plastic, etc
  • Easy to use, comfortable and sturdy grip

You can buy your own  Ohuhu Leather Round Hole Puncher on Amazon here:

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