Thursday, September 10, 2015

US Art Supply 9"x12" Watercolor Painting Pad + US Art Supply 46-Piece Watercolor Painting Set with Wood Storage Case

I really loved drawing and painting on this watercolor paper. The size was perfect for a beautiful masterpiece. It wasn't too big and wasn't too small. I was really hoping as soon as I opened it that it would bend over easily and I was pleased to see that the front cover flipped behind it easily without breaking anything. The textured paper absorbed the water color wonderfully and didn't bleed through onto the other side. There's only 12 pages in here so make sure you plan out what you are doing for it carefully. I wanted to try different mediums on the paper so I tested out color pencils and  oil pastels with it. Not crazy about how the pastels looked on it and the color pencils were decent. I would just stick to water color for this pad and use different mediums on other types of paper appropriate for it.

I wanted to try the many different mediums on the same drawing. (Yes, I know I messed it up but it was just an experiment drawing, don't worry!) I just wanted to do better at showing how it would work instead of just drawing plain lines.

I added some oil pastels to the color pencils. I think that was a mistake. Duh, oil and water don't mix well. I should have just used it for little corners.

Some more detail went into the skin with the pastels to make it pop more. You can the see the different in the arms and eyelids. Also, this is my most horrible rendition of BrightWing from World of Warcraft lol.

Whew, what a bomb! Nothing wrong with the materials. I kind of rushed and you can't rush with water colors. You need to build up your layers very slowly or you will lose your details for sure.
The water colors come in tubes and you just add water to it on a palette.

Here's the giant meticulous 46 piece painting set.

  • Wood Storage Box with Handle
  • 12-Piece Watercolor Paint Tube Colors
  • 12-Piece Colored Pencils & 12-Piece Oil Pastels
  • 3-Piece Bristle Paint Brushes (#2,#4,#6)
  • 2-2B Pencils, 1-Manikin, 1-Eraser, 1-Metal Sharpener & 1-Palette Knife

 Not only does it comes with a bunch of water colors in the tubes but it comes with all those color pencils and oil pastels. I really do love the little Manikin it comes with.

I basically used all of the different types of mediums along with the pencils and brushes to product the quick piece of artwork. Everything worked out pretty well for me. I mean, you honestly can't beat the amazing price for everything here. I think the quality of the materials is overly decent. It's no PrismaColor but if you are a serious artist you pretty much know nothing is going to come close to those high brow materials that you pay for. I think if you just want to learn how to draw and improve your techniques then this is the way to go. This set is also wonderful for kids who want to get into art. #usartsupply

You can buy the Watercolor painting pad here on Amazon:

You can buy the 46 piece watercolor painting set here on Amazon:

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  1. That's a beautiful Art Set! Nice job on your drawings! :)