Friday, September 4, 2015

Bright Time Buddies, Dog - The Night Light Lamp You Can Take with You!

My daughter already knew about this Bright Time Buddy from seeing it on TV before. She was really excited about having it in her bedroom and she's 11. My 10 year old son also really wanted this for the bedroom as well. This cute little rocket shaped dog opens up from the bottom. You need to unscrew the bottom to get it open. I guess it's safer for little kids so they don't swallow batteries but it was kind of annoying to open up. Better safe than sorry. This little light took 3 AAA batteries which I found to be a bit much. I closed it back up and pressed down on the dog's head. The lights start cycling through and you can press his head down on the light you want to keep it on. I think it's awesome and my kids are happy with it so I'm happy. I just keep it on their nightstand which is cool. It's also easy to wipe down if sticky hands get on it. I love it!

  • The night light lamp you can take with you! Perfect for a sleeping buddy and makes playtime more fun.
  • Provides the right amount of soothing colorful light! Automatically shuts off in 1 hour!
  • Rotates between 3 colors or select your favorite color to keep it on; green, blue, or yellow. Colors are a soft glow so kids can fall asleep with comforting light.
  • Soft Body for Squeezable Fun (Requires 3 AAA Batteries)
  • Great for girls and boys 3 years old and up. Makes a great gift!

You can visit Bright time Buddie's main site here:

You can buy this night light on Amazon here:

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  1. I bet my daughter would love one of those, I'm going to buy one for her :D