Saturday, September 5, 2015

Freshbox lunch box

My boyfriend needed a good lunch box for work and this has been working out perfectly so far. We have already used it many times to pack foods up and it snaps shut easily. There's so much room to pack whatever you need in here. This box is so heavy duty and durable and you can tell by the weight on it. I love the bright orange color on it which makes it easy to find when it's stored away among my other plastic containers. I am not sure about the dish washer since I hand wash all of my stuff but so far it's washed and dried great. I really hate when I put certain greasy foods in a container and then it gets that oil stain but the food wipes right out with no problems. This lunchbox would be great for adults and kids alike. I have had no issues with anything spilling out either since this thing is virtually air tight when it's sealed. I think it's wonderful.  #LunchBox

You can buy your own lunchbox here on Amazon :

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