Wednesday, September 23, 2015

How to make your cat or dog look adorable for Halloween this year

Dealzip Inc Yellow Striped Pajamas

I wanted this for my large cat and so I went with the XL size. I probably could have gone a size down but it still ended up looking super adorable on him. It's very easy to put on your pet. It's a pullover so there are no zippers to fumble around with. It stretched to conform in all the right spots so that it fits perfectly to your pets body. The little bear face on the back end is so cute. It will be very easy for your pet to walk around comfortably in the outfit due to the way it was made. The back legs especially have lots of leeway and the back end is open conveniently to allow the tail to be free. I am in love with this outfit for him and it makes for awesome pictures. #PetJumpsuit

Material: Cotton & Polyester
Available in sizes XS-XL

You can buy your own pet PJ's here on Amazon:

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