Thursday, September 17, 2015

Ohuhu 17-inch Mini Christmas Tree with Plastic Tree Base - Super CUTE

This small tree totally looks better in person. It comes in a simple box which makes it easy to store later on when you are done with it. It comes with three attachments for the base to stand it up. All you do is pull out each of the branches and kind of fill it out. There's plenty of space for decorations ( which are not included). This would be perfect for a classroom, office or kids room. It's just so easy and quick to set up and put away. I only had a few of the green pieces come off when I was setting it up. I thought it was going to shed all over the place which was a relief when it didn't. It's a small and affordable solution if you prefer not opening up a large tree as well. I think it's adorable and will be putting it in my kids room this year in December.  #christmas

  • Traditional green color unlit Christmas Tree
  • Great for indoor decoration
  • Easy to set up and storage, branches can be folded
  • Tree stand included
  • 56 branch tips included

 You can buy this mini tree on Amazon here:


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